I am always interested in developing new scientific and artistic collaborations. Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects or share your comments and impressions about my recordings. It will be a pleasure to share my passion with you.

Jocelyn Lauzon
Quebec, Canada

These recordings have a large dynamic range to preserve the vocal richness and the sound caracteristics of the recorded species and subjects. Take the time to adjust your volume to a comfortable level. Headphones are recommended for a more immersive experience.

Streaming : Stereo AAC 320 kbps

Most of my recordings of bird species are on eBird, with spectrograms.
→ [eBird Profile]

Some of my recordings can also be heard on the album :
The Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: United States and Canada

The recordings have been crafted using various techniques, microphones and recorders.

Microphones & Techniques : AT4022 (AB, SASS), AT3031 (ORTF), MKH50/30 (MS), EM172 (AB, Tree Ears), Wildtronics Pro Mono-Stereo (Parabola), e914 (ORTF).
Recorders & Mixers : 633, MixPre, PCM-M10, DR-100mkII.

Spectograms courtesy of Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Recordings © 2012-2022 L’Oiseau son