Swainson’s Thrush

Song | Gaspesie National Park

Song and flight of a Swainson’s Thrush at dawn. Recording made during a hiking trip on the International Appalachian Trail in Gaspesie National Park.

Date/Time : 22.07.2017 / early morning
Location : Haymard Lake, Gaspesie National Park, Quebec, Canada [48°55’46.7″N 66°16’23.1″W]
Altitude : 686m (2250′)
Equipment : EM172 (AB), PCM-M10


Calls ‘Pwit-burr’, ‘Pwit’ and ‘Seer’

Calls ‘Wee’ – on the ground (not flying)

Date/Time : 26.05.2018 / 20:30 PM (Sunset 20:24 PM)
Habitat : Mixed forest
Location : Tadoussac sand dunes, Quebec, Canada [48°09’54.0″N 69°39’36.4″W]
Altitude : 150m (493′)
Equipment : AT4022 (SASS), 633