Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – Sphyrapicus varius

‘Mew’ Call
Lac Caron, Saint-Marcellin, QC, 48°21’17.7″N 68°19’41.1″W. May 23, 2019. morning.

‘Peep’ Series – Begging youngs
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker nestlings hungry and begging non-stop for food from their nest – a cavity in the trunk of a dead Paper Birch. The calls get loud when the parent arrive and briefly stop when it feeds them, to start again with even more intensity!
Parc national du Mont-Orford, QC, 45°20’32.3″N 72°14’17.2″W. June 22, 2018. afternoon.

Photo by Charles J Sharp (CC BY-SA 4.0)